5 Things to Consider Before Buying NFT

NFT was one of hottest trends in bull market of 2021 and continues to attract an increasing amount of attention in 2022

Take a look at the people behind the project

what projects they have worked on in past level of success each of those projects had, and experience in NFT industry can provide valuable insight into the long-term viability of project. 

Analyze the project timeline

Having a decent timeline with some of the major developments planned for the future is a positive sign because it shows that there is at least a larger plan for project. 

Check the quality of the NFT art

small fraction of the available NFT collections that will ever reach a notable valuation and see any significant level of price appreciation for their owners 

Evaluate the community behind the NFT

strength of a community is one of most important factors in the long-term success and viability of any project in the crypto ecosystem but especially with NFTs 

Analyze the utility of the NFT

As crypto evolves and NFTs become more than simple JPEGs, a newer factor that needs to be considered is the utility of an NFT. 

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