Aman Gupta Captain of the BOAT

Shark Tank India is judged by 7 Indian judges including some of country’s top business leaders, armed with years of experience and wisdom in market Let us now get you acquainted with Aman Gupta the young & energetic shark!

Aman Gupta earns his resonating fame from his startup named boAt, which is a personal audio equipment brand & India’s first D2C brand to head for IPO! boAt is one of most incredible brands in India’s startup ecosystem.

The fact that BoAt has achieved supreme position in market within just 5 years real question is, how did BoAt command such an extraordinary position in such a crowded earphone market in India?

2016, AirPods created trend for wireless It was this time, that Jio wave peaked & screen time went up! Around this time again, Smartphone brands stopped providing earphones with mobile phones & if they did, they would be most basic ones! So,entire year of 2016 created a huge market for wireless earphones!

In coming years, several brands hopped on  capture  earphones market in India! India had branded earphones for all categories

economy category which has most demand owing to large population of low-income groups was recognized soon by BoAt, Mivi, SkullCandy, Noise & others how did BoAt beat this competition to become a market leader?

BOAT it sells lifestyle - On a lighter note, three things that influence Indians most - Music, Cricket & Movies! BoAt converged these 3 ecosystems & made them face of their brand lifestyle of Indians, BoAt did not stop at earphones & kept on adding products 

Aman Gupta's Boat under its parent company Imagine Marketing is now eyeing for an IPO!

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