Anek’ review: Political thriller muddles its way through the North East

agent Joshua is both stirring this pot as well as trying to cool temperatures. Under guise of running a cafe, Joshua is aiding the efforts of his bosses in Delhi to negotiate a peace plan. 

Union govt is keeping heat on Sangha by arming a breakaway group led by the mysterious Johnson. High-ranking Delhi official Abrar is pushing Joshua hard for results. 

Although better fit as conscientious objector too much of one-note worrywart to be endearing Prone to passionate debates, even in the middle of gun-fights

Control is often mistaken for peace, Joshua is told. Anek too confuses intent with impact. If the idea was to make mainlanders understand why some Indians reject the flag and the Constitution

Joshua’s patronising lectures on Indiannness, possibly to balance out the film’s subversions, don’t even spare Anjaya, a forest officer 

It’s a debate fit for an inter-collegiate debating competition, rather than a film that wants us to see a history of disagreement with unprejudiced eyes. 

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