No matter who wins next IPL BCCI has already won big. It sold IPLTV rights for next five years for  Rs 23,575cr digital rights Rs 20,500 crores A total gain of Rs. 48,390 crores.

this is a 3x increase in broadcasting fees than the last cycle. 2018-22: Rs. 3,270 crores  2023-27:Rs. 9,678 crores This insane spending comes despite a fall in IPL viewership in last few months because...

the number of advertisers has increased. However, IPL's views are still 51% higher than other top shows. Result? ADs costs Rs. 37 crores So, broadcasters also win big the ultimate winners?

IPL teams get a 40% share of broadcasting revenue from BCCI. However, this forms a majority their revenue Now With viewership declining, BCCl will need to find more revenue streams soon.

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