The Company that runs the world

When we think of firms that run world, co like Google or Amazon come to mind. there’s a firm which is much, much bigger BlackRock no one really talks about it

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset management firm, with an inconceivable $9.5 Tn under direct management. For context, that’s more than 3x India’s GDP!

It is also one of biggest shareholders of companies like Apple (4% stake), Amazon (4.3%) and Google (4.3%). But we’re just getting started

BlackRock Solutions This is risk management division of firm, which provides advisory to major banks, pension funds and even govts worldwide. Through this, BlackRock has access to another $20T in assets

BlackRock owns a stake in firms it provides advice to. Therefore, it receives sensitive financial data from same companies it’s invested in and has significant control over

Economic Crises In fact, it was so successful in risk advisory that US govt. called BlackRock to manage crash of 2008 and 2020. This made it most influential institution in the world

access to sensitive data, influence over huge firms and even govts. is why it’s believed to be one of most powerful institutions in world. Do you think this much power in the hands of one co is dangerous?

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