F3 Review – Over the Top but Faisa Vasool

Anand Prasad businessman is in search of his lost heir Venky sole breadwinner of  family in cinematic crisis, provides shortcut services. Varun is an expert day dreamer.

attempt to get rich via trap rich girl scheme, Tamannah’s sister who have same plan thing leads to another group finds themselves in a tough spot in need of money to get out from.

Do not expect logics in F3 Check In your thinking hats outside theater and only expect to be treated to Director Anil Ravipudi’s trademark slapstick comedy

First half of movie deals with establishing the characters and we get to see pretty much the entire cast of F2 reappraising their roles in same fashion

Second half deals with another scam to get their hands on Anand Prasad money. With more laughs some fun and some forced movie makes its way to the climax episode

F3 is an entertainer with Venky leading the way. There are fun scenes here and there, which might work well with family audience.  Don’t expect any logic in the movie ,You can watch once if you want to get some respite from over-the-top action movies from recent past in Telugu.


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