LIC Bima Ratna life insurance plan: 9 things to know

LIC offers passing advantage installments on death of the life guaranteed during the approach term

Death Benefit

 LIC will pay 25% of the fundamental aggregate guaranteed toward  finish of each 13  14 strategy year

Endurance Benefit

Total Assured on Maturity alongside gathered Guaranteed Additions, will be payable

Development Benefit

1-5  year, LIC pay ensured  ₹50 per ₹1000 fundamental aggregate. 6- 10 yearLIC will pay ₹55 per ₹1000  surefire expansion will become ₹60 from the 11-  25 year per ₹1000 essential aggregate guaranteed.

Surefire Additions

 base fundamental aggregate guaranteed to the tune of ₹5 lakh

Qualification Conditions

age at section of the Life Assured is under 8 years

Date of beginning

Settlement Option is a choice to get Maturity Benefit in portions more than 5 years 

Settlement Options

Charges can be paid consistently at yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or month to month stretches

Charges Payment

 A passed strategy can be restored, yet inside 5 continuous years from the date of First Unpaid Premium however before the date of development


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