Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Review: Millie Bobby Brown & Sadie Sink shine in the series' scariest ride

fourth season, the show's creators finally showcase Eleven's back story,  the first time we met her and it's probably the most compelling storyline of season 

Across seven episodes that run as long as an hour and even more, the new season show a great deal of ambition and on most occasions  

struggle is hard as Will and Eleven try to fit into their new school in Hawkins, Mike, Dustin join high school's Dungeons who is a welcome addition to the mix 

show's creators may be trying to bite too much with season's complicated storylines but their ambition to make it an extravagant affair succeeds for part 

every episode in the fourth season comes across as a key to understanding what lies ahead for each of the characters and the detailing for the same rarely gets boring 

Particularly the fourth episode of the show which is packed with some of the scariest moments of the season and also Sadie Sink's brilliant act. 

we went through after the character's sacrifice at the end of Season 3, the re-introduction of Hopper in Season 4 seems like it's a new show altogether.  

creators are as they continue to play with elements of 80s horror and nostalgia in the most amazing ways while constantly elevating the standards

4th season first volume seems like a great setup before makers unleash deadliest twists for second part which drops in July with two episodes that could easily be over two hours. 

Season 4's terrifying new villain, the show makes significant achievements in the special effects departments 

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