TMKOC's Dilip Joshi On Dayaben's Return To The Show

actor mentioned that they have been shooting for the show without Disha Vakani (who used to play the role of Dayaben) for over five years now 

He also added that only the production house of the show can confirm if they are planning to get on board a new Dayaben. 

It has been five years since Disha has been on a break from the show. Now, whether she will come back or not, only the production house knows  

I would not like to get into it. Also, I am happy that the viewers continue to shower the same love and attention that they used to when Daya was shooting 

He also talked about the same and mentioned how the show is still being loved by the audience even after years 

TMKOC’s producer Asit Kumar Modi confirmed that fans will get to see Dayaben soon in the show. He also revealed that there are plans of getting Dayaben back to screen this year only 

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