Maverick Ending Explained - Who Were the Bad Guys, Exactly

take a closer look at ending explore mystery of who exactly Maverick and gang were dogfighting against discuss what a potential Top Gun 3 could be

Top Gun: Maverick doesn't have post-credits scene leaves certain doors open for a possible sequel but there's nothing during or after the credits 

Important mission Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell's long Naval career called on to train a new group of Top Gun recruits for a mission

the sequel is ultimately about Maverick's struggle to finally move on after the death of his best friend  Nick "Goose" Bradshaw Goose's tragic death is one of the key scenes in the original Top Gun 

as he's killed when a training exercise goes horribly wrong. So it only makes sense that Top Gun: Maverick ends with an added wrinkle to the mission that forces Maverick and Rooster to finally bury the hatchet and work together. 

it seems Maverick is about to sacrifice his life to save Rooster from being shot down, thereby repaying the debt he feels he owes to the Bradshaw family. But one could argue that he would only be perpetuating the cycle and passing his guilt onto Rooster. 

Alongside Cruise, Val Kilmer is the only other Top Gun actor to reprise their role for the sequel Over the course of the movie, we learn Kilmer's Tom "Iceman" Kazansky has risen through the ranks of the Navy 

The rival military is only ever referred to as "the enemy," and we never actually see this enemy in the flesh apart from a handful of masked, featureless fighter pilots. The film only reveals three details about "the enemy. 

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