Who is Sriya Lenka? The first K-pop star from India

first K-pop star as 18-year-old Sriya Lenka from Odisha was named the fifth member of renowned group Blackswan. Lenka’s journey to Blackswan started in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown 

she was shortlisted for training in Seoul she honed her artistic skills intense 5-month programme. Apart from Lenka, Brazil’s Gabriela Dalcin was named as 6 member of group 

born in Odisha’s Rourkela district in 2003. Since her childhood, she was interested in music and arts industry his daughter would be first Indian to be a K-pop star. 

Lenka is trained several dance styles, including Odissi classical form, freestyle, hip-hop  contemporary. She has been building her dancing skills since the age of 12. 

Sriya Lenka decided to build on her K-pop dream after she watched the video of K-pop hit ‘Growl MV’ by Exo band and tried to copy the members’ moves. 

lockdown imposed in 2020, she started auditioning K-pop groups. learnt Korean online watched a lot of Korean dramas to strengthen her grasp of Korean language culture. 

In Dec 2021, after months of practising several auditions, Sriya Lenka was shortlisted for training in Seoul to become a member of Korean pop band Blackswan 

after its oldest member, Hyeme, left the group in November 2020. She was chosen from among 4,000 applicants through a YouTube audition programme. 

last 5 months her training she was put through an intense process that ranged from standard vocal, rap, dance lessons to personal training, and musical instruments. 

Sriya Lenka successfully completed her training, Blackswan group announced Thursday that she has been chosen as fifth member of group. 

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