World Environment Day: Seven things you can do as an individual to bring a major difference

spread awareness by speaking to children or talking to people at your office or in your locality and spread awareness about envo in general.

launch a cleaning drive in surrounding involve your neighbours. many kinds of air, water and soil pollution and various diseases related to them can be avoided.  

Stop using plastic On holidays, make it a habit don’t carry your things in plastic Instead, take a cloth and cotton bags, or rigid bags that you can reuse with you.  

It is difficult to find a space to make farm or garden in a city but if you have one, make and maintain a small farm or garden. You can grow fruits and vegetables in it 

Take public transportation on World Environment Day and vow to take it more often. Encourage your family and friends to take public transport 

Water is getting polluted through many sources such as agricultural, industrial and animal waste.  

Adopt the 5R mantra-- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Renew and Recycle. The concept is already taught to students at school but the problem is that elders have forgotten about it.  

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